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Custom-printed skate deck with ultra-legit, Hi-Fi-Def, "DIGI-SKEL (Guilty Bystanders version) graphics, with upside-down lotus flower, color fade, background design.

PRO Deck Quality


  • Available in 7.75" Mellow Concave (OR) 8.25" Mellow Concave
  • Made from Canadian/American Maple, 7-ply/Cold-pressed with Franklin Multisk8 Glue

Custom graphics are produced using a combination of digital printing, screen printing, and heat/pressure. The printed graphic is ink fused to the lacquer that seals the board. NO stickers/decals, or vinyl wrap is used, this is the way professional skateboards are printed.

Eco Friendly:  Made from responsibly harvested logs with low/no V.O.C. water-based inks, cleaners, and glue used throughout the manufacturing and printing process.


DIGI-SKEL (Guilty Bystanders version)- Skate Deck

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